It’s that time of the Year!!

Conferences, conferences and more conferences!!

VMworld US will be opening up at the end of August (holiday time for a lot of people in EMEA :P)

But still I wanted to capture a few of the sessions that I plan to attend (and I encourage You to meet me there!!), obviously they are all around DevOps, Kubernetes and Cloud Native Apps :P

There are a lot of sessions around these topics in the Content Catalogue I’ve just captured a few for You (and for me to remember :P )

Please refer to the bold sections for a TLDR version :P

VMworld Sessions for Sunday 

What’s New with PKS and Emerging Use Cases

CNA1780QU - 2 pm

You should join this session just for Cornelia : she is amazing (and so passionate about PKS!!) And as a bonus you’ll get the latest on how with VMware and Pivotal you can make Kubernetes easy to consume

VMworld Sessions for Monday 

Deploy Enterprise-Grade Kubernetes: Real-World Stories From PKS Customers

CNA1199PU - 2 pm

I like Customer panels and this is the chance to see real life experiences coming from Customers adopting Kubernetes. Mostly around Pivotal Container services but hey.. it’s Kubernetes :)

VMworld Sessions for Tuesday 

Put a Lid on It: Securing Containers and Kubernetes on vSphere

CNA1656BU - 12.30 pm

Security can totally stop your Kubernetes deployment. In this talk we will see all the elements composing a Kubernetes infrastructure and how and when you should apply security best practices to it.

VMworld Sessions for Wednesday 

Path to Production: Value Stream Mapping in a DevOps World

DEV1325BU - 8.30 am

If you are up early (not easy in Vegas sometimes ;) You should join me here. We all love tech but putting Apps in production require people and processes. Value Stream mapping is amazing if you ask me 8and we have a religion around it at pivotal: it is SUPER effective!!). Join this session to get the basics and apply it in your enterprise ;)

Run Stateful Apps on Kubernetes with PKS: Highlight WebLogic Server

CNA2009BU - 11 am

Stateful Apps are now a thing in Kubernetes, so it’s time to see them in action. Let’s join Simone and Rahul and see how you can bring your Weblogic Apps to Kubernetes (they would fit super nicely on Pivotal application Service but still.. :P )

VMworld Sessions for Thursday 

Have Your Cake and Eat It: VMware IT Adoption of PKS

CNA1232BU - 10.30 am

This will be on the last day so a lot of coffee will be required :P

I like Adoption stories and usually VMware IT shows good implementations. In this case I am looking forward to getting how they landed Kubernetes in production. Hope we’ll be delighted by their setup ;)

I’ll be adding more sessions in the coming days so come back ;)

-> Room info will be published on August 20th so.. wait for it and start booking your sessions to have the organizers allocate the best rooms for You ;)

Feel free to reach out to me with your suggestions!!