I'm Pivot-ing!!

“Change is Constant, Embrace Change”
    Jul 16, 2018
    2 min read



Welcome to my blog

My name is Fabio Chiodini, I am a passionate IT geek based in Italy.

I started this blog to share some tips and my perspective on the IT World.

I have an extensive experience in Tech stuff but my passion has brought me in the fields of Tech/Portfolio Marketing/Messaging and Tech enablement.

I started my career in Operations and IT infrastructure but in the last Years I have matured an experience around Containers, DevOps, Container orchestrators and Platform as a Service.

Understanding new concepts and methodologies and then unpacking them in an easy way is my passion.

I have been a speaker in many major conferences and when I am not meeting Customers I love to stay on stage presenting net new concepts or exploring them with demos of my own.

In essence this blog is another way of enabling people on new topics and hopefully helping them out in adopting new methodologies as well as new technologies.

What’s in a blog name?

You may wonder what’s this “Kiodo” in my blog name. My surname is Chiodini which translates (from Italian to English obviously) roughly in “little nails” (ie the ones that you hit with an hammer) and my nickname has always been Chiodo/Kiodo which translates plainly into nail..

So there you go, You can call me Kiodo in the same way all my friends have been doing for Years :)

Please reach out!!

Of course feedback is welcomed so don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Twitter @FabioChiodini.